We bring with us the rich experience in DOLPHIN to help students to secure more than seven bands in IELTS test. Our highly qualified faculty helps students to work hard on general Grammar, Vocabulary, Writing, and Listening Skills, by giving Individual Attention. We offer a team of highly experienced tutors and the most modern methods and excellent resources and facilities. Our program is flexible such that it allows the student to progress at his own pace and allows him the freedom to attain the desired performance.Dolphin is the best IELTS coaching center in Hyderabad.

What is IELTS?

IELTS, the International English Language Testing System, is widely recognized as a language requirement for further and higher education. It is the chosen language test of many universities in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and North America. IELTS assesses whether you are ready to study or train in English. It tests your ability to Read, Write, Speak and Listen in Academic or General Training Contexts. IELTS tests the four-macro language skills – Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Candidates are assessed at one of nine levels ranging from Non User to Expert User. It is the responsibility of Educational Institutions, Governments and Professional Bodies who utilise the test results to decide the appropriate language skills they require a candidate to achieve in the test. TWO DIFFERENT  TESTS: There are two different  tests – the Academic Test and the General Training Test. While all candidates take the same Listening and Speaking Test modules, the Reading and Writing modules for the Academic and the General Training Tests are different.

Who needs IELTS?

IELTS is a premier test of English language capability and is growing in popularity around the world. The reputation of the test is of paramount importance, and considerable resources are devoted to ensuring that the security and integrity of the test is not compromised.

  • For international students the entry into institutions; Test is widely recognised by institutions across Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and many other English-speaking countries, and increasingly in USA and Canada.
  • Professional organisations for accreditation.
  • As an exist test for universities.
  • By Employers for staff recruitment and promotion.
  • Medical professionals planning to work or follow further study in the UK, Australia or the US.
  • People planning to emigrate to Canada, Australia, UK or New Zealand.
  • Governments for migration applications.

The five secret keys to IELTS Success:

  • Time is Your Greatest Enemy.
  • Guessing is not Guesswork.
  • Practice Smarter, Not Harder.
  • Prepare, Don’t Procrastinate.
  • Test Yourself.

IELTS – The Results

  • Results are returned to the candidates within two weeks in the form of a Test Report.
  • Candidates receive scores on a band scale from 1 to 9.
  • Candidates receive a score for each module of the test as well as an overall score.
  • There is no pass or fail mark.
  • Overall Band Scores and Listening and Reading Band Scores are reported in half bands; Writing and Speaking Band Scores are reported in whole Bands.
  • The Test Handbook provides a written Interpretation of Results.
  • Results are valid for two years.

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