We provide OET (Occupational English Language Test) training for students and healthcare professionals ensuring the best results in OET at Hyderabad ,TS and AP.

  • DOLPHIN( Coaching in Hyderabad ) offers high quality courses to help health professionals to prepare for OET exam.
  • Online Coaching: We work on live online platform, that facilitates two-way communication. This facility is successfully being used in whole of  India and other Asian Countries.

Teacher’s Support :-

Dr Geeta is a well-known OET( Coaching in Hyderabad ) instructor, based out of Hyderabad and having worked for many years in the Middle-East and in other Asian Countries. Has successfully helped medical professionals to achieve good scores.
She is known for OET( Coaching in Hyderabad ) resource making for Doctors and Nurses from various Streams.

Up-to-date Resources :-

DOLPHIN courses are continuously updated to keep up with any changes to the OET( Coaching in Hyderabad ) exam format to ensure the best results.

Savings :-

  • Online as well as offline courses @ DOLPHIN cost less than University courses but deliver more in terms of quality contents and highly experienced teachers who focus only on OET.
  • Finally, by enrolling in a course at DOLPHIN you are navigated by the most experienced and best teachers in Australia, New Zealand ,USA & India.

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